The Way Maine Should Be

Who gets to define what Maine should be?  We all do. Everyone in Maine. Yes, even the tourists have a lot to say about how Maine operates and functions (whether we like it or not. ) But that's OK because Maine really is one big small-town and there's plenty of room at the table for all of us to share a meal and figure it out.

Unfortunately, there are some folks who think that the table is reserved seating.  It's not first-come-first-serve *tip of the hat to Maine's Native Tribes* and they don't want to sit with the new immigrants that have been coming in over the past few years.

No friends, these geniuses of self-importance figure that because they were born at just the right time with just the right skin tone they are extra special and get to decide the seating chart.

So let's all remember how wrong they are and remind them of it every chance we get. We'll be updating this page periodically with news, events, and updates that celebrate an inclusive, tolerant, and accepting attitude - the way Maine should be.